Changeable – Mon 4th Aug 2014

By | August 4, 2014

“Changeable” has very much described T today. After yesterday’s fun-filled day, his moods have changed as if a switch was flicked. Rapidly going from quiet to overly grumpy to (a bit of) happiness and then back to quiet.

It’s probably not been helped by the fact that we’re out visiting tomorrow (T would much prefer to stay at home). There’s been questions about the order in which we’re doing things and the definite request from T that we do not deviate from that. Ultimately we may do, I can’t remember everything and whilst D can normally be cajoled round with a bit of positivity (ie. silly Mumma! I forgot to …can we just…aren’t I forgetful?), T will have an extremely anger but silent protest, his body language portraying his emotion.

D, in contrast, has been bouncy, flappy, happy. She hasn’t picked up on T’s changeability at all, it was down to me to forewarn and prompt her.

So, fingers and toes crossed that a) tomorrow will go well and b) when I invariably suggest a change – no matter how small – it’s met with less resistance than today has indicated.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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