Change Your Mind #MusicMonday

By | August 11, 2014


Today’s Music Monday is one that I hadn’t heard in absolutely yonks.

I was watching TOTP2 with Hubbie recently, I say watching, I was ignoring the disco-pop type songs and receiving a running commentary on songs bought and danced/snogged to, those were the days eh?

Anyway, Gary Numan came on with Cars – which is such a fantastic timeless song btw – and I zoned in. Partly because of the song, partly the chance to see a young Billy Currie on keyboards and the Aspergers aspect.

He’d (Gary Numan) always seemed a very inapproachable performer to me but, looking at his body language more closely, it seemed as though he was putting on an act (which obviously he was) and underneath was very uncomfortable. I might be wrong but some aspects reminded me very much of T in public, school assemblies etc.

But, Cars isn’t today’s Music Monday!

When I was a teenager, the highlight (oh yes indeedy) was taping the Top 40 countdown on Radio 1, trying to time it just right so that I didn’t get the DJ’s talking at the end or beginning of a song.

This song – Change Your Mind (click here to view the video) – was one such song. I couldn’t listen to it at first without anticipating the “click” of the record button turning off at the end just after the DJ started speaking.

It’s wonderful listened to a bit loud, on headphones and if I ever learnt to drive it would be a fab driving song too.

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