Blow Darts – Sun 3rd Aug 2014

By | August 3, 2014

Because of T and D’s differing intellectual and emotional levels – and T’s need for everything to be competitive – game playing can be tricky in the Bluecrisps household.

Board games, for example, can start off well but, just like the roll of a dice, moods and tolerance can change extremely quickly and the game is abandoned.

Not so today. We had been expecting some garden games as part of an upcoming review and the first one arrived today.

It was an archery set with the addition of blow darts with blow tubes.

(I totally forgot to take pictures which shows how much fun we were all having)

The archery element was very quickly discarded in favour of the blow darts and the target.

There was competition, organised by T, with individuals and then boys v girls.

This was good-natured, scoring by T and giggles, lots of giggles. It was lovely. D and T alternated between that and jumping in and out of the pool, even at one point playing blow darts in the pool.

T also helped me use up the last of our blackberry store making some ice cream, which looks wonderful. He is very selective about his fruit and vegetables so anything that ups intake combined with the fact it’s additive free is good news in my book.

This is it halfway through freezing, such a fab colour:


It’s definitely felt like a good day, I hope everyone else’s has gone well too Jx


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