Apprehensive – Tues 19th Aug 2014

By | August 19, 2014

An anxious D is (hopefully) settling – with the aid of Melatonin – tonight, apprehensive about tomorrow.

It’s injection time tomorrow for D, something that she doesn’t look forward to and there’s not a lot I can say to reassure her that it won’t hurt, because it will. We have numbing cream to put on in advance which acts as a sort of placebo but, however calm she might seem until then, when it comes to needle time, D resembles a tall, strong, flailing fish. It doesn’t make for a terribly calm time.

Our regular nurse is on holiday so there is another coming, someone D hasn’t met and someone who I haven’t been able to get a conversation with, to ascertain if she is aware of D’s autism and the fact she will potentially be very anxious. It wouldn’t help matters if we had someone barking at her to keep still, it would make it far, far worse.

All I can focus on with her really is the fact that if she co-operates then it’s over quicker, that and the magazine we’ll hopefully pop out and get afterwards as her “reward”.

So, I hope everyone’s day has gone well, wish me luck!


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