An Awww moment – Weds 27th Aug 2014

By | August 27, 2014

After the highs and lows of yesterday (A Tie and Tears), it was time to focus on another aspect of T’s starting at secondary school. His uniform.

He’s been flatly refusing to try the shirts or trousers on ever since I bought them in mid July, saying that his old ones were “fine”, saying that these were all “too big and ridiculous”. He doesn’t like change.

Today, finally, with positive reinforcement, we got there.

Scoffs of disgust from T as the trousers were about two inches too long but better that than the “just too short black trousers and white socks combo” he was rocking towards the end of the summer term.

They’ll be fine, he’ll be fine, over use of the word “fine” I know, it can encompass a manner of feelings can’t it. “How are you? Fine. When really you might feel anything but.” It’s polite, I guess.

I’m trying not to think that this time next week he’ll have had his first day at secondary school. So much change, starting right from a walk to the school bus stop, he’ll no longer be just 15 minutes walk away if there’s a problem, but a half hour bus ride away.

It will be “fine”….but between now and then, we’ll have fun, starting with a boat trip tomorrow – something that D is very excited about, in conjunction with a local charity – fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!!


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