All Fall Down – Tues 5th Aug 2014 #SSAmazingAchievements #Expressions

By | August 5, 2014


I took this picture of D today and I just love it, for a few reasons.

She was happily concentrating playing a Jenga-type game with me, I peeked through the gap, she peeked back giggling and “click”.

Game playing is always a bit touch-and-go in our house, with two autistic children it very much depends on their individual moods and tolerance levels at the time. The intellectual and emotional variances between them also mean that T will get exasperated very quickly if his sister (D) is being – according to his extremely high standards – “slow” or hasn’t understood the rules correctly.
All too often, games are abandoned with one or more children disappearing because it hasn’t gone their way.

With this Jenga-type game, there is the additional “excitement” that it could all collapse, very quickly!

But today, all went very well with our little game. D listened to how to play it, she took turns and took advice as to the pieces not to take out.

Eventually it was time for it to “All Fall Down” and that was a lot of fun too. D isn’t keen on unexpected sudden noises but because we’d decided it was time for it to crash down, she laughed as it tumbled down, scattering the little blocks everywhere.

She did say it might be cool if the blocks had been gold bars (I wish) so I might have to get handy with some spray paint.

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