A Fortune Cookie – Fri 8th Aug 2014

By | August 8, 2014

D is very much a “Mumma’s girl”, ask her who she wants to tuck her in/read her a story and it’s me. Similarly, when she’s upset, it’s me who she’ll rush to for comfort/confide in, even if the latter only comes hours or days after the event or trigger to the event.

This can make for a full-on school holidays, a feeling that I don’t get a moment to myself, apart from ten minutes or so on a Friday.

This is when D and Hubbie head off to pick up our tea, something she looks forward to as soon as she wakes up. I’ll say to her “what day is it today?”, she’ll answer and then I’ll ask “what does that mean?” and she’ll squeak “fish and chips!” and will get extremely excited as the day goes on, plenty of flapping, bouncing and jumping.

And off they’ll set, D happy because she knows exactly where she’s going and that it’s only to there. A one-stop shop. They’ll park in the car park, cross the road with D holding Hubbie’s arm and get there just as it opens (so it’s not busy).

She’ll always get given a free fortune cookie and tonight’s couldn’t have been more accurate!


T was having a good day with plenty of giggling until we found out that he doesn’t have football training tomorrow, cancelled by the manager just before 5pm today. To say he was disappointed was an understatement. He made his feelings perfectly clear by way of some extremely short and closed answers to any conversation prompts over tea. Which was a shame. He doesn’t handle last minute change well at all.

And it’s raining.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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