Tetchy – Weds 2nd July 2014

By | July 2, 2014

Today started on a really good note, happy children enjoying the sunshine on the school run. Well, they did until there were people walking close behind us, something they both dislike but deal with it in their own individual ways; with D, we have to move to the side and stop and let them pass (it’s either that or risk a bolt situation) and with T, he’ll keep going but get crosser and start muttering, with his body language stiffening.

The variances between how they individually deal with situations were very apparent after school too. T agitated by how D was reacting to strangers (ie. not very well) and generally taking her to task, she reacting and me refereeing but taking care not to criticise T for how he deals with D, he doesn’t see any other way after all.

It’s situations like today that make me so grateful that our secondary school place was successful, everyone we speak is positive about the SN liaison and whilst Toby is not (and very unlikely to be) statemented, knowing that we can email and just say “…he may be a bit agitated today because..” is a great relief.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I sense that the out-of-routine aspect of the term winding down is also getting to T.

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