Poorly – Sat 12th July 2014

By | July 12, 2014

We’ve had a poorly T today, hopefully it’s one of those 24/48 hour things.

He’s either wanted a hot bath or to jump in the pool, his temperature has varied that much. He’s also been incredibly cuddly, which is unusual for T.

It’s not surprising really, he puts 110% into everything he does and the last couple of weeks have been busy ones, packed with activities.

Next week will see after-school football, our coffee shop trip, a presentation evening for leavers and a football tournament, I’m crossing fingers that he’ll be okay for all of it.

The one bonus (if there is one) is that he hasn’t been as snappy and intolerant of D, because he hasn’t felt like it.

Poor T, he was so bubbly telling us all his “best and worst bits” of the week yesterday and this has just floored him overnight.

The only good thing is that T will accept calpol, D absolutely hates it, it’s always a battle to get any down here.

D has been immersed in her reading book today, a Rainbow Fairies compilation that was a birthday present. I’m so pleased she loves to read and can now read after a shaky start. Her TA mentioned yesterday that because she’s now classed as a “free reader”, school will be looking to get some Rainbow Fairies books in the school library for her to read, which is fantastic. I can envisage though, us having to replicate them at home.

In fact, when she’s not reading about the fairies, she’s drawing and crafting about them, such is her current fixation with them:


I hope everyone’s day has gone well and we have a healthier T tomorrow, thanks for reading Jx

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