Just before.. Tues 15th July 2014

By | July 15, 2014

Just before…

T’s uber competitiveness streak took over, he and D were having a fantastic splash about in the pool. Splashing away the heat of the day, the long day that had seen D playing in cricket after-school club and T meeting me in the coffee shop for our Tuesday catch-up.

They’d also had their tea outside, sitting next to each other on sun loungers, D exclaiming in delight whenever a butterfly or dragonfly flapped their way past.

It was nice to see them side-by-side, my two little “peas in a pod”, our “pack” of pickles. Born 18 months apart, neither could remember growing up without the other.

It made me hope for more moments like that during the upcoming summer holidays.

And then… once tea had gone down, more splashing, swimming with a competitive streak now as all sporting activities inevitably turn that way.

A sobbing D later, it was all over for today. An overwrought D inside, not wanting to get dry, just craving cuddles and to be close. Tiredness and the fact she’d just wanted to play caught up with her. T, retreating to his room as he can’t understand sometimes why she doesn’t want to compete and why there isn’t this continuous drive to do her best.

Later, all seemingly forgotten as they joined each other in “survival” mode in Minecraft. Until competitiveness joined us once again.

Hopefully we’ll have plenty more “just before” moments in the summer holidays.


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