It Got Better – Sat 26th July 2014

By | July 26, 2014

So, after the unpleasantness of a nosebleed first yesterday, D had another one first thing this morning! Not a fantastic start to the weekend but, thankfully, she was a lot calmer about it. She still totally forgot what I’d shown her to do last night during the first one, but I’ve reiterated it again, both during and in our chats later on in the day. Poor D. I guess it’s the heat, but two in two days is yucky.

Nosebleed aside, both her and T have had a good day.

For T, it’s been watching a football match, his football season doesn’t start again for a while and he returned home hot but happy. I even got a cuddle today, T doesn’t “do” cuddles very often.

For D, we’ve been crafting with a kit that she got for her birthday but had been reluctant to try out until today. It was ideal for D, lots of shiny tiny pieces and girly templates to put them in.

She did well, following instructions and I got a “well done Mumma!” on finishing mine too.

Good news too, my pesky leg is finally over the “feel worse before start to feel better” so we can start planning activities, yay!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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