Hiccups – Mon 21st July 2014

By | July 21, 2014

Today did not start well for D, a combo of it being Monday morning and hiccups (lots of them) made for a strained journey to school.

We tried water on the way, scares (oh the looks I got, saying “Boo” to D every so often to make her jump), keys down her back and – the one she liked the most – trying to cuddle them out. No joy.

She didn’t want to enter the school grounds, much less the building. Getting her in was “fun” and then only on the proviso that we’d wait in reception for a while to see if they went. Why? She didn’t want the other children to laugh at her.

D is normally a “bounce-twirl-skip” into school kind of girl so it was immediately obvious that something was up.

More water in reception and a TA came down, miraculously (and thankfully) the hiccups seemed to disperse and so she went off happily. Phew!

T, on the other hand, bounced off happily to school, counting down to the end of term and with the knowledge that they’d all be getting ingredients for a leavers barbecue tomorrow. He was getting fed up with the lack of structured lessons as the end of term approaches but he seems much happier now we’re in the final stretch (as it were). It may have helped that he had football back this weekend, on both days. He does like his football!

It was a happy D that rushed at me at the end of the day, she’d received a certificate for obtaining 100 house points and, although the hiccups had continued one-and-off (bizarrely) she wasn’t as affected as she had been this morning.

A class trip tomorrow for D, after her injection with the nurse, which has caused a bit of anxiety because she’s worried that they’ll leave without her. All the more reason for it to be over quickly. She accepted this reasoning but whether she remembers tomorrow when it’s time for the needle is another matter.

At least D’s ear seems better, my ailment is no different (Captain Caveman’s club (foot)) but only two days to go until term ends and no school runs for a while.

T, of course, has a two-class barbecue, which does sound fun, each small group is making a different food/drink stuff for it. Yummy and although he has various sensory issues when it comes to “hot” food and meat, it sounds like there will be plenty of things he will eat.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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