Forget The Numbers – Mon 14th July 2014

By | July 14, 2014

I am annoyed with myself tonight.

Both T and D’s school reports have come home and they are fantastic, for them. Both extremely positive, both proof that D is in the right setting in her SN school and that T has flourished under the autism-positive regime at his mainstream school.

I am extremely proud of them both.

But then, me being me, I looked at those funny little numbers that accompanied T’s report which showed that he is working “above expectations” in all his subjects and in some topics, two years ahead.

I then looked at D’s numbers and because they were so much lower than T’s, I researched. I discovered that those grading means she is at a year 2 level in most subjects and some a year 1 – she’s in a year 5 class.

Why did I do that? Compare my two wonderfully individual children, who both just happen to have this “label” autism?

I don’t need some grading system to acknowledge that D is way below T’s intellectual level. I know that. I live with them. I see T’s frustration when we’re attempting a family activity and D just doesn’t get what she’s meant to be doing.

Like I mentioned in my What’s in a number post, SN parenting means that, to a certain extent, you forget about the “numbers”, you focus on your child’s strengths, you adopt a “can do” approach. Dismiss the negatives to the back of your mind and just be grateful of just how much they have achieved. Because I am.


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