Foraging – Tues 29th July 2014

By | July 29, 2014

It had to be done.

I walk through the “Deep Dark Woods” – as D calls them – at least twice a day during term time and last week noticed that there were masses of blackberries just about to ripen. Masses is an understatement really, the DDW is a long (ish) twisty path with stinging nettles and blackberries nearly meeting on either side. A journey past the little pond that is either bone dry or flooded, depending on the weather, and then you’re back in civilisation, coming out onto a main road and near to D’s school.

It’s taken a “bit” of negotiation with T, he really doesn’t like going out on (what he would term) unnecessary trips but he enjoyed himself today.

We found loads of ripe blackberries and, surprisingly, I was the only one who got jabbed by the prickles.


A very successful haul, which got a little bit competitive as is always the way, but look what we’ll be cooking with tomorrow:

The pond has virtually dried out too.


Then it was shopping time, not as popular with T and D, but fortunately not very busy. There was a wait to pick up D’s injection after last week’s muck up, a time during which D sat by the window and meowed because she didn’t want to be there.

All was calmer during a coffee shop break, T and D sat next to each other and Minecrafted. Somewhere they’re both very comfortable in and the staff are always welcoming to them. It’s always great to see them working together and, I guess, because they are each playing separately – but together – there is the option to leave the “world” at any time.


Home and pool time. Splashing, laugher and fun before T’s competitive streak surfaced again. It was fun and T’s even agreed we’ll forage some more in a few days.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

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