Firsts – Fri 25th July 2014

By | July 25, 2014

Well, after a pretty horrendous week, I’m very glad it’s Friday.

We’ve had a couple of Firsts today, one definitely more positive than the other.

We have a little tradition here in the Bluecrisps household during a Friday tea time, we all chat about our “best and worst bits of the week”. It’s something that both T and D will prompt if it hasn’t happened and they (well, we all do) enjoy it.

Today was the first time since we started doing this, that school wasn’t mentioned once, or rather the bullying aspects for D and the circumstances I mentioned in last night’s blog for T. Both causing them a fair amount of angst during their school weeks.

D’s “best bit” involved T and their playing Minecraft together, which was lovely as it’s about the only thing they can play together without squabbling or upset. Maybe it’s because they can play separately on their tablets but working together, in the same world. Either way it was fab to hear her say that. Her “worst bit” were today’s thunderstorms, her “best and worsts” always seem to be fairly topical.

T’s “worst” was my leg infection (bless him) and his “best” was being on holiday, very T.

And our other First today?
A not-so-good one which saw D absolutely distraught and covered in blood, all over her white leggings and t-shirt. Her first nose bleed.

She wasn’t calm enough for me to explain how to stem it for a while and it certainly wasn’t helped by a matter-of-fact T saying “you’re not going to die, it’s only a nosebleed”. Yes, T can be extremely blunt in his speaking with D. D being D, got even more upset at his statement from her brother and it took a long time for her to accept what I was saying and keep still, eventually it stopped.

Hopefully when it happens again, she’ll remember how we stopped it, but it was extremely visually distressing for her.

So, a definite TGIF feeling here, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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