Déjà Vue – Weds 16th July 2014

By | July 16, 2014

It’s been “one of those days” today, a day in which I’ve been reminded that, despite just how far D has matured and progressed in the last few years, an incident (or two) can take us right back there.

This morning’s school run was accompanied by sobs and moans, we stopped I-don’t-know-how-many-times for those deep pressure cuddles that she likes and needs when upset. Luckily the majority of them were after we’d dropped T off, he does get embarrassed and comment when she has moments like this (which doesn’t help).

There were a couple of triggers before we left, which I’d acknowledged but hadn’t appreciate that they’d manifest in quite that way.

And unfortunately it continued in the same way on the return journey. Not so much because of the morning but that she’s upset that she’ll be moving on to a new class, with a different teacher. She knows her new teacher, she had seemed fine (oh it’s such a general word – fine – isn’t it?) and she’ll know at least one of the TAs. But…she wants things to stay as they are.

I’ve said to her that her (current) teacher has to get experience of teaching different ages of children, that she’ll still see the current staff around school but it hasn’t appeased her.

With less than a week until the end of term, I fear that today’s emotions aren’t isolated, that they will continue.

We can’t yet chat about which of her classmates will be with her or where the class will be as we don’t yet know, school are waiting until all the parents know the teacher (and I guess a couple of pupils may have been off).

For D it’s not just a case of “need to know”, it’s “have to know” so that she can visualise where, us going in, where I’ll stand at the end of the day. All seemingly little things, but important to D.

In total contrast…T is on very good form. He’s counting down – by hour – to the end of term. We’ve got his secondary school uniform and he’s had a good look through it, he’s even started using the school bag I’d bought for the new term. He’s so ready for September!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well.

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