Books – Tues 8th July 2014

By | July 8, 2014

There’s a very happy T in our household tonight, partly because there’s a World Cup semi-final on tonight but mainly because he got to choose a book today.

The PTA at T’s school have arranged with our (really lovely) local independent book shop that each year 6 pupil is able to choose a book up to the value of £5.

Anything over £5 can be bought with us paying the difference but I thought it was a great idea and a fantastic memento of his primary school. It would be nice if there was an inscription (from my viewpoint) but T is so particular about his books – he instantly rejects any pages torn or creased or markings, which means books from the library are definitely out – that I’m not sure it would be welcomed.

Anyway, the book shop was staying open until late tonight for the pupils to go in but we went in early so that T could choose in relatively quieter surroundings.

He choose a Big Nate book, one of his favourite series of books, although he could have happily chosen 10 or more, he absolutely loves reading (as does D), which I’m very pleased about, I reading anything and everything at their ages.

After that it was our coffee shop time, a chance to have a chat with T about his secondary school open evening tomorrow, he’s very positive about it all and we’re just so glad we went through the appeal for this school, it will definitely be the right setting for T. Our Tuesday-time always passes too quickly though, even if there is a football tone to chats!

D was waiting for us when we arrived, transfixed by the screen in Reception. There is a series of photos and videos that plays on a loop and just lately it’s seemed that we can’t leave until she’s seen a particular video segment, that of various classes and staff singing the YMCA song. Even though she’s seen it every morning and afternoon for goodness-knows-how-long, she still laughs at all the funny bits and has watched it so many times that she’ll tell us and anyone in earshot who is coming up next.

She’d enjoyed her day and was tired (very) but happy. It was a race to walk home before the thunder storms though, plenty of lightening and thunder but no rain, luckily, until we got through the door.

And it was fantastic to see them playing Minecraft side-by-side later too, that’s about the only thing they can play together without disagreeing.

Another day over, I hope everyone’s has gone well, thanks for reading Jx


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