At last! Weds 9th July 2014

By | July 9, 2014

Tonight we all went to an Open Evening at T’s new school, the school we had to make a case to an appeals panel for a place. We found out tonight that we were one of only six successful appeals, out of the 35 heard. Six! Wow, that makes me feel even prouder of T and so glad that we pursued the appeal, even though it was 8 months I’d rather not repeat in a hurry.

We met his form tutor, the SENco (who already knew of him, which was good) and, of course, the Head, who we’d met at the appeal meeting.

The whole process was extremely busy and because D was with us we made sure we were away from the general mass. It was only during the last half hour or so that the “I want to go home” chants started but her ipad with the headphones saved the day. She relaxed into that and even came to say hello to the Head and answered some questions, bless her.

T again looked so relaxed, obviously it is going to be a big change for him and there will be times when he is going to be overcome with nerves, but knowing how relaxed he seemed tonight is a big relief.

It finally feels like he’s definitely going there, his name is on the tutor list, we’ve bought a tie for practising (and practising) as T got himself into a bit of a tangle the first few times and, yes, bring it on.

Could not be prouder of either of them tonight.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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