Ache – Fri 18th July 2014

By | July 18, 2014

Well, “ache” pretty much sums up our day here in the Bluecrisps household.

D had said to me yesterday that she couldn’t seem to hear out of one ear but that it didn’t hurt, so I made sure to mention to her (in front of staff when i dropped her off) that if it did start hurting, she should tell her teacher/TA and they could phone me.

It did and she didn’t (if you get what I mean). She told me that she was “too shy” to tell anyone which kind of defeats the objective of the chat earlier in the day. It’s frustrating that people she can seem so relaxed with that she’s unable to communicate anything that isn’t on the plans for the day – ie her ear/being picked on in the playground/other incidences.

So, she woke up with an achy ear today and she’s been at home with me, a cuddly I’m-sitting-right-next-to-you day. It’s been a day in which she’d decided she’d like to craft something for the staff in her class for end of term but it’s been me with little bands twisted around my fingers (if you get my drift).

Hopefully by Monday her ear will be better, the chances of a doctor’s appointment round here are minimal and, after the injections fiasco (a total fiasco in which we had to enlist the help of the school nurse), I’m not sure we’d be happily welcomed.

T is so glad it’s Friday and nearly the end of term, 3 days to go. He’s been counting down to the hour for weeks and is just so ready for the summer break and then the challenges of secondary school.

I hope everyone’s Friday has gone well Jx


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