A Penguin and other #R2BC – Thurs 31st July 2014

By | July 31, 2014

A penguin? You wouldn’t think that would have been the basis for much giggling from T today, but it has and it’s one of my Reasons To Be Cheerful this week, here’s why and some more:

1. Bye bye yucky tablets

I finally finished my course of decidedly foul-tasting tablets this morning and I can see the bones in my feet again! Not generally a reason to cheer, granted, but after feeling so unwell last week, they’ve done what they had to do. Until next time anyway.

2. A Splish and a Splash

T and D have spent a lot of time in the pool this week, playing bumper cars with their dinghies and splashing away, enjoying themselves. It’s been lovely to see, occasionally T’s need for competitiveness creeps in but D is generally able to say she’s had enough, or I can tell by her body language.

3. Baking

I have really been enjoying baking this week, looking at recipes and personalising with little adjustments. Some has been a tad enforced due to an online shopping mix-up but, all the same, it’s been good fun.

4. And the Penguin (sort of)

This one didn’t start off funny. It concerned our little scared-of-a-leaf-in-the-wind cat, Itsey.

She normally darts away from confrontation or anything near her but today she was fighting with a big tabby male cat who’d decided to come into our garden and not let her in.

T and I heard all this strange meowing and went outside to see them
and then fighting and rolling around like tumbleweed. Very fast tumbleweed.

Poor T got really upset and we chased the big bad cat away whilst Itsey went and hid, it’s so strange that she fought back. I guess she was being territorial and the big bad cat was in our garden.

Anyway, T was very worried about Itsey and I said to him “don’t worry, she’s fine, she’ll be after that penguin on the fence in a minute”.

Now, of course it wasn’t a penguin but a pigeon, but penguin is what came out of my mouth! No idea why but T was in fits of laughter and has been every time he thinks about it.

It’s a pretty good bet that that will be one of his “best bits of the week” tomorrow, I guess I’m useful for some things after all.

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xOjox on 1st August 2014 at 12:07 pm.

Sorry but the penguin made me giggle too! I wish we had a pool xx


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