What I’m wearing to (a little bit) of BritMums

By | June 4, 2014

In just over two weeks I’ll be getting onto a train and heading into London, I commuted for a few years twice before so it should be a proverbial “piece of cake” for me, shouldn’t it?

Not this time. I’m going to a teensy bit of BritMums Live, the Brilliance In Blogging bit as a finalist in the Health category!!


I feel a bit of a fraud that I’m not going to the full conference, part of me really, really wants to, but the more sensible part knows that it wouldn’t be practical from a T and D viewpoint. Maybe next year..

Anyway, I AM going to the BiBs part and really looking forward to catching up with bloggers that I’ve only chatted with online before. This is also my first blogger event and I’m feeling a tad nervous.

What I’ll be wearing:

I have two potential outfits, both from Phase Eight (I love the clothes in their shops).

This is number one:


The above is also what I’m wearing to T’s school appeal place meeting on Monday, it looks really nice on. I don’t usually go for patterns but liked this as soon as I saw it. With some nude heeled shoes.

Option 2 is if I’m having a wobbly day:

The bonus to the maxi dress is that I can rock my FitFlops with it:


So, either way, if you see a nervous-looking woman (I’m definitely no longer a girl) sneaking in at the back, in blue, it’s probably me!

Linking up here with Mari’s linky.

Ps. I haven’t been sponsored by Phase Eight, just love their clothes!

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