Tickety Boo – Tues 3rd June 2014

By | June 3, 2014

It seems to have been a better day all round today (apart from my never-ending cough, but we won’t dwell on that).

T seemed happier this morning, as did D, maybe yesterday was a “first day back and getting into it” type of thing.

(A little aside:
We have been getting concerned that T doesn’t eat very much of his lunchbox at school, he does have a very limited menu and palate, but at home he will eat and eat. I don’t know whether it’s the noise of a busy school hall or the fact that he wants to be finished and playing football but it’s very difficult to get across to him the importance of eating a decent amount at lunchtime. School dinners are a definite no-no as he will not tolerate hot or “wet” food, goodness knows we’ve tried all manner of methods over the years. Something that is a worry with secondary school looming with a vast increase in pupil numbers and all sorts of sensory influences. Part of me wants to take him food shopping and have him choose but he absolutely detests a supermarket environment and it may do more harm than any potential results.)

He was very pleased, however, that his football magazines had arrived on time and D was comfortable next to either Hubbie or I, either reading or Minecraft-ing, she has always liked creating on Minecraft but seems to have a greatly renewed interest.

So, a Wednesday tomorrow, let’s go for two “tickety-boo” days in a row.


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