Tetchy – Mon 30th June 2014

By | June 30, 2014

Last day of June and it hasn’t ended well from T’s viewpoint.

He’s been extremely tetchy today, unusually for him all day, normally it can be shaken off with a trampoline bounce or a FIFA play.

I guess it’s a combination of the fact that, to him, he’s done all his school work, the SATs and he now knows his secondary school from September, he just wants to get on with it.

To other children, the relaxation in work-work-work would be welcomed, to T it’s straying away from those routines that he needs and craves.

And also this..
D is on a school trip tomorrow, which she’s very excited about. T has been very “she gets to go on all the good trips and where do I go with school? A museum!”

To move on from today, we’re going to start planning for the school holidays, some trips to some fun places, places that they’ve both been before and that we know are autism-friendly.

Because it’s still 3 weeks and 2 days until the end of term…


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