Teamwork – Weds 11th June 2014

By | June 11, 2014

I don’t often get to watch T play football competitively. The last time D and I went with the menfolk to a match, she got a bit overwhelmed by the noise and sheer volume of people. We ended up on a grassy verge far away from where T was playing and I might well have been watching ants playing!

Today T was playing in an inter-schools carnival tournament. Taking place in the afternoon so I could go and watch a bit before heading off to collect D.

I am so, so proud of him. He played as I knew he does, in a team, thinking ahead, prejudging positions. Knowing exactly where he needed to be and moving there before being told.

I wish the appeal panel members could have seen him. Playing as a team member, confident. Doing what he does best and enjoys the most, football.

I also got the chance to see him with his team members beforehand, he remained on the outskirts of the circle quietly smiling as they goofed around. Perhaps wanting to join in, maybe not, but looking comfortable.

And they played as a team:
First game: won 3:0
Second game: won 10:0 (!)
Third game: 8:0
Semi final: 1:0 (T scored the goal that got them to the final!)
Final: 1:0

Yayyyyy! I am not a football person. I scowl inwardly when sky blooming sports gets turned on, but, proud? You bet!



Whether else, he’s going to end his time at primary school having proudly represented his team

This evening we’ve all come to our local soft play centre for their monthly SN-only evening.

T looked absolutely bushed but he was running off with D, smiling, going off to have fun in a far less busy environment. Reminiscent of how they used to be when T was 3 or so and D was toddling after him, The Pack as we used to call them.


A good day, sweeping away the school appeal worries for a while. Jx

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