T for Tuesday – 10th June 2014

By | June 10, 2014

The “T” in tonight’s title refers to our T, our clever/funny/stubborn/determined little man, who is calmer than I envisaged after yesterday’s appeal meeting.

We have both come to look forward to Tuesday’s, D has after-school cricket and rounders and there’s just time for a frescato at Costa before we go and get her.

It’s a chance for T to bombard me with football facts, before the headphones go on and he’s watching his football videos.

Today was full of giggles because, although he is extremely limited in what he will eat at mealtimes (sensory issues mean no hot or “wet” food) show him a strange-sounding soft sweetie and he will have a go. We saw some sweet and sour flavour randoms yesterday and thought of T, his face was an absolute picture when he tried them and he just could not stop laughing. Lovely to see and hear.

His good mood was buoyed on because he’s playing in a school football tournament tomorrow afternoon, he does love his football (I may have mentioned that…).

All too soon it was time to collect D, a rather warm and tired D. She had done a lot of running around the field for cricket and complained that her legs were hurting, which seemed fine when it came to running to greet our “guard cats” once home!

They have both been a tad niggly with each other once home, at times like this is when their emotional and intellectual variances are very apparent. All calm after some distance between them.

Aside from that, it’s been a good day. Hopefully tomorrow will bring good results for T in the tournament, he is counting down to the end of term and yes, it’s all about the taking part but success would be just fab!


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