Sporting to a T – Mon 23rd June 2014

By | June 23, 2014

After D’s fantastic Sports Day last week, today was T’s mainstream school’s event.

Just like Parents Evening with its appointments starting at 3.30pm, Sports Day isn’t a Day, more than likely a couple of hours…. Anyway, that’s just me being pedantic.

In previous years, T’s school sports day has been a series of field events (javelin, hurdles, bean bags etc), today had a slightly different format and it was purely track events. Very well laid out though and with programmes, T does like his programmes.

The children were allowed to choose one or two field events each and then teams were chosen. This meant that some children didn’t participate but the team spirit in all the children was wonderful, cheering on those that came in last (in some instances very much behind the winners) and clapping, lots of clapping.

T was down to participate in two events but had to give his place in one to someone who had a bit of a strop at not being chosen. This didn’t go down well on the day it was announced (definitely not) but today, he was typically T, sitting with his friends but not actively joining in their conversations, doing his little smile when he saw me.

It just goes to show that difference in character that my T and D can have at times, D is all “Mumma! You’re here. It’s my Mumma!” and constantly cuddling, holding my hand and attempting to sit on my lap. Whereas T is far more reserved, only his little smile indicating that he’s comfortable. Partly why I enjoy our time in the coffee club whilst D has after school cricket once a week, it’s a chance to catch-up (and be bombarded with football facts).

Anyway, I digressed…

T’s only event of his Sports Day was participation in the Relay, he was the final runner in the race for his team and, he did his absolute best but runners 1, 2 and 3 were not the speediest and their team came last. He took it well though, better than I anticipated, I guess he knew he’d done his best. So proud of him.

After all that, he had PE, quite a few break times and then after school football club, so it was a tired, red-faced T that came home. Very pleased that his incentive for “tolerating” his sister whilst I was at the BiBs had arrived.

And D? I whizzed into town after Sports Day and picked up her fairy dust, as instructed but she had earned it via chores, she’s been delightedly crafting with it after school.

So, there’s T and D, both happy in their own way, having had a good day (ooh, that rhymed).

I hope everyone’s has gone well too Jx


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