Home sweet home – Sat 21st June 2014

By | June 21, 2014

After all yesterday’s fun, it was so good to get off the train and be met in the station car park.

D’s smiley face was a picture when she saw me and luckily she heeded instructions to stay in the car, otherwise it would have been an unsafe run-up and body slam moment, in the dark.

T was, very, unusually, cuddly too. A nice welcome home.

Today has been a quiet one on all quarters, after an out-of-routine late night for T and D.

T had been given an incentive to tolerate (I guess, that’s the right word) his sister last night and this weekend and, bless him, he’s stuck to it. So far anyway, tomorrow is another day.

One thing we always do on a Friday (which I missed) is “best and worst bits of the week”, it’s always something that D in particular looks forward to it and yesterday’s “best bit” was her receiving a certificate. A sign of D growing up is that she always used to call them “bertificates”, we now get firmly told off if we call them that.

D received her bertificate (whoops!) certificate for independent writing and planning which is absolutely fantastic as she has always found writing challenging. It’s something that we’re working on at home too, she’ll have a list of topical words to incorporate into her news sheet for school but it is down to D to structure the sentences and include punctuation. Something that receives moans and grumbles but she is (slowly) coming to realise that it will happen anyway and it’s easier to get on with it (much like her injection which is due next week).

So, a good one from us, I hope everyone else’s day has gone well. Thanks for reading Jx


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