Here we are again – Fri 27th June 2014

By | June 27, 2014


Maybe it is a consequence of T receiving his diagnosis of high functioning autism half way through year 5 (and therefore not starting his school life with a “label”) or that it is a high functioning diagnosis and on the most part “invisible”but once again, we feel extremely let down by T’s school.

I blogged back in November about how his diagnosis (7 months after) seemed to have been ignored and once again, this has been the case today.

I’m not able to detail the issue because the other child’s parent is aware of this blog but it was sufficient enough for an upset T after school and an email has been sent to school.

It seems such a shame after everything we’ve been through with the appeal and the fact that T has represented his school in quite a few sporting tournaments, there’s only 3.5 weeks left of his primary school live and we want him to enjoy it.

So, whilst I might be absolutely seething (I am!), we’re moving on from today for T’s sake, marking down another day done on the planner and asking him to enjoy these last few weeks of term. He deserves to.

In contrast, D has had a brilliant end to the week, she was “star of the day” today and is very close to another house points certificate or “bertificate”.

It’s always a bit of a juggling effort when there is a happy D and not-so-happy T or vice versa but again, unusually, T was extremely cuddly.

All extremely glad it’s the weekend, let’s wish for some sunshine amidst the forecasted showers.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, thanks for reading Jx


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