Decisions – Mon 2nd June 2014

By | June 2, 2014

It was a positively bouncy D who awoke this morning (quite a time before 6am *yawn*) and decided she wanted to paint her toenails before school. As you do.

All part of her excitement at returning to school after half term. She was looking forward to sharing her half term news, mostly about her party but she’d also put down that I’d been soaked with water by the roof of our tent (’tis true) because she thought “it would make everyone laugh”. I’m sure it did.

She was pleased to see me at the end of the day and (bless her) had made me a “get well soon” picture.

It’s only later on in the afternoon/evening that the worries about Decisions started.

The class had been told today that they have seven weeks together left and she’s also been told that she’ll be in a class with two of her current classmates, but no other news. She’s worried that the girl currently in her class who she’s friends with (girls are definitely in the minority in her school) won’t be in the same playground as her from September and that she won’t see her.

She’s also a bit worried about who the other children will be and who her teacher will be. Something that I presume is unknown at the moment but I guess now that D knows some information, she’s curious about the rest. Time will tell.

There’s also quite a few trips organised in the coming weeks and lots of sports day preparation so a lot of potential routine change in store.

T has also been affected by a decision. His all-time favourite football player and someone that he has idolised from when he could first watch a football match is leaving his club. There have been some “itchy eyes” tonight.

Apart from that, he’s had a long day what with school and then after-school football club but it’s been okay. He’s most definitely counting down to the end of term.

Another day tomorrow. hopefully it will be a good one.


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