Contrasts and Countdowns – Sun 1st June 2014

By | June 1, 2014

Ever since we found out in March that T hadn’t been granted a secondary school place at our first choice and we’ve have to appeal, I’ve been counting down.

Counting down to when we had to submit the appeal paperwork, trying not to bite my fingernails whilst we waited to hear when the appeal date meeting would be and then feeling a sense of panic when the meeting date was set. One source told me it’s a ten minute meeting, another said half an hour, either way it seems a very short amount of meeting time to decide something as important as the next 5 or 6 years of T’s school life.

Anyway, now we’re in June, the meeting date is looming, it’s a week tomorrow. I’ve gone from panic to “let’s do our best and get this over with” but I bet we won’t feel like that on the day.

Because T doesn’t have a statement (and the senco at his school laughed when I suggested it), it will just be Hubbie and I. No parent partnership representative, no-one from the SEN department of the council, no-one from school. It seems that because he is un-statemented, we’re on our own.

But that’s probably preferable. There will be no “blame game” playing if we’re unsuccessful, just the knowledge that we’ll have tried our best.

June also brings a return to school tomorrow for T and D, obviously for T it’s the last half term of primary school. Because he’s had some anxieties and issues around the behaviour of another child, we’re counting down the days to end of term on a whiteboard (nicely visual) and asking him to try and ignore it, easier said that done when you’re a T who sees right and wrong, but no in-between.

Having said the above, he’s had a completely contrasting day to yesterday, a much calmer and more regulated T has been happy to be bounced around the trampoline by D but also withdrawing to his football videos when needed.




D has had a few moments of angst about returning to school tomorrow, she has a couple of busy weeks looming at school with trips and, no doubt, practice for sports day (which is always great fun).

But, on the whole, a good one.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, thanks for reading Jx

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