Confirmation – Sat 14th June 2014

By | June 14, 2014

After the fantastic news in an email that T’s secondary school place appeal was successful, I’ve felt a bit panicked that a mistake had been made. That we received the email in error, that we hadn’t done it. After all, T wasn’t in a feeder school, we are in borough but out of their catchment area and it all depended on the paperwork we submitted and that nerve-racking appeal meeting with the panel.

Today, the letter arrived from the school and it’s felt like a “Yesssssssss!” moment, or several moments. It now feels real and we can start diarising the dates and commence liaison.

T, who has been remarkably calm all through the appeal, has seemed noticeably happier today too. He hasn’t been reliant on his ipad and ps3 game as much today and had a good few bounces too.

D is mega excited about Father’s Day tomorrow, it’s lovely that she recognises and looks forward to all these celebratory days, which she wouldn’t have been able to previously. More than that I can’t say as Mr Bluecrisps will be waiting to go tap-tap-tap and read this once it’s published.

We all had a lovely chat about the programmes T and D used to watch when they were pre-schoolers this morning. A few visual prompts via the songs on YouTube and there were plenty of smiles.

Favourites were:
Big Cook, Little Cook
The Fimbles especially Rokitt (the frog)
The Wonderpets

although a ten minute long compilation of the songs from In The Night Garden (yes, ten minutes, with a lot of repetition) totally captivated D.

It reminded me of just how well D responds to visuals, she remembers very little about her time in mainstream nursery and primary school up to the first term of year 1 (she was granted her SEN statement and we transferred to
SN school as soon as we can) but songs and visuals were all very familiar.

A good day then, made better by that all-important confirmation.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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Stephs Two Girls on 16th June 2014 at 12:26 pm.

Great news, glad the confirmation came through OK. Must be such a relief! x


Jeannette on 25th June 2014 at 5:09 pm.

It definitely is, we’re hearing of so many people who weren’t successful with their appeal, so extremely grateful 🙂


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