Challenging at times – Sun 29th June 2014

By | June 29, 2014

It’s not often I’d describe a day like this these days, but today (or this morning at least) has definitely been a challenging one.

It’s been a time when D has been eager to help, to earn some “chore money” but the fact that every instruction has to be one-stage and then she’d forget what she was doing, has felt very challenging. Bless her. I don’t think it was tiredness, she slept well last night and was willing to help, similarly I certainly wasn’t bombarding her with tasks (I’m not like that) but still..

Maybe (and here’s the answer, probably) it’s because the one-stage instructions were verbal and not visual. Silly AutismMumma. A lesson learnt for next time.

When the chores (and subsequent fall-out of emotions from D) had been done, D and T surprised me this afternoon.

I blogged previously about their love of books, they always choose a book each when we’re in town and on one occasion they both chose Minecraft books, D choosing a book on survival tactics simply because she liked the red cover.

She has since read the book from cover to cover and carries it around with her but hadn’t tried survival mode in Minecraft because it scared her.

This afternoon that changed, T showed D survival mode and soon they were both laughing and giggling, using the various tips from her book. It’s always nice to see them working together and to see D attempt something (with her brother’s help) that she had been very wary of, was wonderful.

So, not so great start, fab finish, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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