Best and Worst – Fri 6th June 2014

By | June 6, 2014

Friday for us means a chip shop tea, something makes D smile as soon as she wakes up and remembers it’s Friday.

We’ll ask her what we’re having for tea and she’ll answer in a very high-pitched squeak “fish and chips!”, this excitement keeps her going all day.

Something else we all look forward to is a “round-robin” around the table whilst we’re eating, a chance to tell each other the “best and worst bits of the week”, we generally know in advance what T’s and D’s will be but it’s good to hear in their own words.

In discussions with her teacher over her bottling up emotions over situations during playtime and lunchtime (ie. non adult led activities), I suggested that they might like to try “best and worst bits” with D with regard to play times and there was a note in the diary today which said that they have been implementing this and that she has been open with her feelings


D’s “worst bit” of the week concerned one of her friends being called something hurtful by another one and when I asked her if she’d mentioned this during “best and worst” at school, she said no. So, there is still a bit of work to do with regards to confidence on her part (ongoing) but I’m pleased they are implementing it.

It was quite touching that T’s “worst bit” was my silly cough, he doesn’t really show his feelings that much.

Hopefully next week will bring clarity around where he’ll be going to secondary school.


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