A little bit of fairy dust – Sun 22nd June 2014

By | June 22, 2014

Let’s face it, what any special needs parent wants for their child as they progress through life is a knowledge of life skills and a teensy bit of independence.

How much depends on each individual child. I can envisage T (with support at the end of a phone) leading an independent life once he is an adult, hopefully attaining a relationship and fulfilling what he hopes to achieve.

D, I’m not so sure. She needs clear visual prompts for even the simplest tasks and they have to be clear, one or two stage, instructions otherwise she gets extremely confused and stressed.
I anticipate that she will remain at home and then, eventually, move to sheltered accommodation. Not that I wouldn’t love her to stay at home as long as possible but, eventually, she will crave some sort of “independent” living, I might be completely wrong though.

Anyway, today has seemed to D that it’s all been about “chores”. Not that I’ve been a wicked Mumma and working her all day! No, little simple tasks like helping to take off the bedding, assisting in cleaning out the paddling pool and guinea pig duties. The paddling pool bit she enjoyed as she had “control” of the hose, ummm “control” is used loosely as yes, I got soaked! D loved that though and that had been firmly put into her news for this weekend!

For her assistance with chores, there is the promise of some fairy dust tomorrow. Something I’ll be getting whilst she’s at school and it’s something she’s been hankering after ever since we saw it in a little shop full of weird and wonderful things. Of course, the “fairy dust” is probably nothing more than teeny glitter specks, but let’s keep the mystique alive.

D got very excited about the prospect of fairy dust this evening and her instructions to me were something along the lines of:
“When you get the fairy dust, I’d like gold, or silver, or red. It can be any colour as long as it’s one of those three”.

It’s firmly on the list for tomorrow! Probably extremely good timing as her next injection is on Tuesday, such a shame that the fairy dust won’t be able to magic away her anxieties and the pain.

I hope everyone’s enjoyed the sunny weather Jx


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