Yay for Friday and other #R2BC

By | May 16, 2014

A sunny weekend beckons and it’s Friday! Two reasons to be cheerful already, but I have some more (multi-tasking with both today’s diary post and R2BC).

1. SATs
T had been greeting these with a mixture of “let’s get on with them, then?” and “why am I doing these?” Despite a nasty cold/hay fever (he’s certainly had a look of Rudolph about him), he’s got through the week. They finished yesterday. The happiness on his face this afternoon was just, kind of “yay!” Quite contagious too.

2. Football
Before Hubbie has a bit of a “turn” at the fact that this is one of my R2BC, I’d best elaborate. Football is loved by 50% of our house, the male part. The remaining 50% of us tolerate the games that are watched when it isn’t “their” game and the fact that the local mens team (which Hubbie is physio for and T a mascot) has taken up Hubbie’s time 3 (yes, 3) evenings this week and T is playing in a tournament tomorrow.

But (and there is a positive to this), it’s something they both enjoy and it’s keeping Hubbie on track, he has been feeling a bit down recently. On Wednesday evening they went to watch the the mens team play in a final and win 7-4 ! Report here and T was the official mascot, very proud of him. Still waiting to see pictures but here’s the one from the newspaper report:


T also played in his school team this afternoon and (yes, I know it’s the taking part that counts) they finished off a busy week with a 6:0 win. They’re through to the final of the schools tournament next week.

3. A birthday
It’s D’s birthday next week and she could not be more excited. Four sleeps to go and she is counting down. We had years of her not recognising it as a special day so her enthusiasm is just wonderful to see.

4. Parents evening
We had D’s last night and she has met all her IEP targets for the school year, absolutely delighted with how she is flourishing and progressing.

5. Some fruit (hopefully)
The little pear tree in our back garden has finally got its act together and it is full of little pears-to-be:

High winds and a torrential Spring last year meant that all its blossoms got blown away before they had a chance to develop. This year looks more promising. (same can’t be said for the peach tree, zilch, hey ho)

6. Catching up
I’m been a bit of a social butterfly (who? me? never!) and been a “lady who lunches twice this week). Always good to chat up with friends.

7. And this..
Very proud to have this on my blog. Voting closes at midnight tonight so, if anyone would like to give me a vote, please either click here or on the badge above and scroll down to category 15.

So, that’s us, linking up in a blog hop below and thanks for reading Jx

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LakesSingleMum on 16th May 2014 at 8:55 pm.

So glad SATs are over – next year its my eldest’s turn… Great news on the football. Hope D’s birthday is fabulous. thanks for joining in


Jeannette on 18th May 2014 at 9:54 pm.

Thank you, not the best of days today but two days to go for D…yippee!


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