Tick-tock Mon 12th May 2014

By | May 12, 2014

Well, it hasn’t been a typical Monday (is there ever one?) for either T or D today, but..it seems to have been an okay one.

For T, it’s meant the start of a week of SATs tests, something which has been causing him angst. Not (I don’t think) from the viewpoint of the tests themselves, T suits the exam conditions of “keep quiet, head down and get on with it” but there’s been a lot of practising to naturally get the children used to the environment. He’s found that vexing because he’s just wanted to get on with it and get them done.

Similarly with the appeal for his secondary school place, he’s not interested in what meeting happens when, he just wants to know the outcome. Which is positive in a way. I’ll do the worrying (and I am).

So he greeted this morning with a “let’s do this” approach (much in the same way he plays football), no obvious visual signs of anxiety and, sat the test, had football club after school and came home happy. Which is an excellent start to the week. I hope it continues in the same vein.

For D, this week means the week before her birthday. And that means bouncing, flapping and squealing, every time she mentions it. Which is a lot. Seven days to go, seven days of an excited D telling practically everyone and anyone that she will soon be ten. Lollipop lady, other parents at school, transport escorts – oh yes. To give them their due, they have all smiled back at her and acknowledged her enthusiasm.

I’m not begrudging her any of it. We had absolutely years (up to her 7th birthday) of there being no recognition that it was a special day, similarly Christmas. Well, she is certainly making up for it now and it’s lovely!

So, a start to the week full of smiles and squeals, it will be fantastic if it continues in the same way, but if it doesn’t, today has been a positive one and that will do for me.

Thanks for reading, hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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