Snuffles Tues 13th May 2014

By | May 13, 2014

Poor old T, after a brilliant start to the week (and his SATs) yesterday, he’s really been feeling quite poorly and full of cold today.

It’s one of those “let’s share it around” bugs, it started with D, passed onto me and then onto T. A downside to all the cuddles he’s been craving recently.

By the sounds of it, his actual SATs test went well and, I guess because he’d put all his focus into that, he felt quite yucky afterwards. It’s resulted in a few “clashes” this afternoon, T wanting to just bed down somewhere albeit in a snappy kind of way and D bouncing around everywhere because of her upcoming birthday.

It used to surprise me that D would react instantly to situations at home whereas at school she bottles everything up, but I guess it’s because she’s in “her” environment and feels comfortable enough to challenge/inform immediately. This is the ongoing aim with CAMHS, that she express her feelings more-or-less instantly in playground/classroom situations, rather than bottle them up resulting in a bolt/outburst when she sees me at hometime.

Hopefully (after a good nights sleep) tomorrow will bring a better day. Poor T, the timing is rubbish and he does like to try his absolute best, that’s one of the things I love about him, everything is 100% effort, whether it be his football, his bouncing or his stats formulation, there is no grey area, only black and white.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s day has gone well, thanks for reading Jx

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