Party time – Sat 24th May 2014

By | May 24, 2014

D, bless her, has been bubbling over with excitement all week in anticipation of today, the day of her birthday party.

She had her birthday on Tuesday and counted down from then, “how many sleeps…”.

It was her wish that her party be held at the totally fabulous but very busy soft play centre near us, it’s got plenty of space and the party rooms are just fantastic, each are themed and D choose a Glow In The Dark theme.

I took advice from the staff and choose a time when (hopefully) it would be slightly quieter and requested a parents table in the play area close to where they’d head up for food (ie. the children wouldn’t have to pass too many other tables). The vast majority of the attendees have autism so it was a mixed feeling of “yes, it will be fab” and “I hope no-one finds it too overwhelming”.

Because the party was at 3pm, not only were the 3-5pm attendees of other parties arriving but the 1-3pm party attendees were also leaving. The sheer volume of noise as the doors opened was pretty overwhelming and I did worry for all the children. Luckily the overspill “traffic” diminished relatively quickly.

On the whole, it went brilliantly. D had three (yes, three!) of her “boyfriends” in attendance and I did hope none of them would fall out in their quests for her attention. It was fine, I guess they’re all used to playing together in the playground anyway.

The meal was an “experience”. We had the GITD party room with lit-up colour-changing furniture. The boys all took exception every time their chair/stool changed to “girlie” pink or purple and it was a tad noisy but very little food was left, which is always a good indication, isn’t it.

Enthusiastic “happy birthday” singing and, boom, it’s all over for another year.


T enjoyed charging around on the play equipment but was very, very uncomfortable in the party room, he wouldn’t join in at all. I think the noise was certainly an issue for him, he is extremely sensory.

Overall though, a successful party. D has ripped through all the presents and she has some fantastic crafting sets, perfect timing for half term.

The picture below was a must though, she was an absolute picture in her pink dress and headband, looking lovely but totally engrossed in Minecraft!


I hope everyone’s day has gone well, thanks for reading Jx

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Karen Sellers on 24th May 2014 at 8:36 pm.

Sounds like she had a wonderful day and lots of great memories to look back on.
Well done to T for holding it together – hope he was able to wind down afterwards OK.


Jeannette on 25th May 2014 at 7:41 am.

It was just fab, went really well. T soon self regulated with some FIFA and then the CL football, both tired but calm atm x


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