Out Of Sorts – Thurs 22nd May 2014

By | May 22, 2014

When one of your children has an out-of-sorts day, it’s manageable (ish), you muddle through, trying to keep the peace. Adopting a referee role.

When both are, it becomes a juggling act, made more difficult by the intellectual and emotional variances.

Then it becomes contagious and it spreads.

I was feeling a bit “iffy” anyway, due to various things and so, when T was agitated because his school football team had been runners-up in their final game, despite it being a county-wide tournament and D, instead of her looking forward to her party in two sleeps, she replies “death in two sleeps”. Just kind of makes you feel not the best parent in the world. Wondering why and how.

This is when I’ll try and do the “glass half full” bit and say, well at least it’s Friday tomorrow, but with half term brings another injection for D and she’s already not happy about it.

Fortunately we don’t get too many days like this.

Here’s T’s medal anyway, we’re proud of him for participating in a team sport and getting to that final, even if he doesn’t seem to be.



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