Oh your marks… Sat 10th May 2014

By | May 10, 2014

(Warning: lots of snail pictures in tonight’s blog!)

Well, in between all the rain showers and high wind, we did manage to get some fresh air today and in doing so, generated some smiles too.

We had a snail race, not as tech or visually pleasing as the Turbo film but good fun, anyway. A chance for those competitive streaks to surface, but thankfully not that much.

T and D really like snails, there is a wall that we go past when out which, when the weather has been damp, is generally covered in them, we’ve christened it “snail wall” and we resemble a dodgem car sometimes with D’s buggy, avoiding snails when we’re out and about.

There were quite a few on the inside of our garden recycling bin so, gently lined up and “on your marks”…


Making (slow) progress:


Then a front runner (?) appeared, whilst the others headed off in all directions:


The leader made a break for it and..

…had a celebratory sun bathe (until the next rain shower) on the other side of the lid:


All good fun until the next cloud burst appeared.

A consequence of the fast-changing weather this week and the fact I walk everywhere would seem to be a cold developing. Autism craves that routines continue to be met, even if their carer isn’t feeling fantastic. There is initially an element of “poor Mumma” but this is quickly replaced with the need for structure and routine.

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