Injections and just poorly – Tues 27th May 2014

By | May 27, 2014

Well, today was never scheduled to be an easy one with injection time for D.

She has got used to the school nurse administering her injections, within the school environment. Today brought a few changes with the continuity nurse coming to our home as it was due in half term. D hadn’t had the injection at home before and I’d hoped that it might relax her, well, it could only go one of two ways really.

She was up incredibly early both yesterday and today, saying she was “happy” but those anxieties were burbling away underneath. Our community nurse is lovely, really chatty and putting D at ease but, as there is a matter of seconds time limit from preparation the solution to getting it into skin (as it would start to solidify), it took Hubbie and I holding down a twisting, wriggling D who was trying to move the targeted piece of skin (with numbing cream on) constantly out of the way.

Contact made, a scream, some cuddles and then it’s as if it never happened. Over for another four weeks. D now smiling away, telling the nurse all about Minecraft. For some reason, she’s really got back into it this week.

The rain has been incessant today, it must be half term!

I’ve been glad it has because the tickly, annoying dry cough that’s been bugging me has developed overnight into a cold, with a hugely massive cough. I’m relieved in a way as the adverts say “if it’s more than 3 weeks, go and see your doctor” and the chances of an appointment are remote, to say the least.

Anyway, half term means no wet school runs but what is does mean is routine, irrespective of how I’m feeling. D and T can have an empathetic moment – “poor Mumma” – and then one of them will look at the clock and say “it’s lunchtime”. There are no lapses!

But, like I say, it could be worse.

Thanks for reading, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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