Highs and lows – Thurs 15th May 2014

By | May 15, 2014

I am a little bit cross tonight, frustrated that, once again, T’s school seem to be discarding his autism and his need for things to be “black and white” as opposed to “grey”.

He met me after school and held it together for D’s parents evening at her school and then burst into tears on the way home. Frustrated and disappointed tears.

It transpires that there was an incident at school yesterday where a child attempted to assault another one. T told the potential assaulter that it was not happening, verbally sticking up for his mate, along with several others and the first child went home and over-egged the situation. Consequently he (first child) isn’t in trouble but the rest are. Doesn’t make sense.

T was due to play in a football match at school tomorrow but has been warned that he may not now, because of the above. I’ve told him that it’s probably an empty threat and given him examples of when these are used. But to T, where football is so important to him, coming at the end of a long week and because he doesn’t feel he did anything wrong, it’s pretty upsetting.

He isn’t one for “telling tales” and will normally only elaborate on his day if there are extreme emotions involved and certainly doesn’t appreciate what he sees as parental interference but in this instance, he has requested that I intervene….in progress.

Poor T. Another reason why getting a secondary school setting that he is comfortable in is so important.

In total contrast, D has had a good day. She was a bit perturbed as to the change of routine, what with our parents evening appointment being 15 minutes after school finished but she was brilliant. She logged onto the computer and her and T played games whilst I was chatting. Lovely to see.

We knew that D has made fantastic progress this school year in terms of her increased confidence and especially in her handwriting but it was lovely to see examples and hear it reiterated. Her time in mainstream seems a distant memory now, it was a difficult decision to choose Life Skills over GCSEs but it was the right decision for her. Onwards to a joint meeting with CAMHS and her teacher next week to address her lack of confidence when in a playground/break time situation (ie. not adult led).

So, a highs and lows kind of day, but at least it’s nearly Friday. I hope everyone’s day has gone well.


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