Girls night Weds 14th May 2014

By | May 14, 2014

I have a giggly, squeaky D next to me as I draft this, delighted because – as she put it – we’re having a “girls night”.

The menfolk are at football, yes, I know it’s a “school night” and in SATs week, but tbh if Hubbie had gone on his own, there is no way T would have settled until he was back and the score was known. T had a role to play too, he was nominated to be club mascot as it’s a mens team final. He was honoured but anxious but, apparently played his part well. It’s a very local game so he’ll be settling to sleep at roughly his usual time, his cold/hay fever (?) seemed a lot better today too.

In the meantime, D has been singing, laughing, giggling and squeaking. Lots of squeaking. Happy squeaks that she’d had a good day at school and had an enjoyable evening.

She had been a little shy when she came out, clutching a piece of paper and refused to let her TA see it. She showed me outside, it was the name of a face-changing app they’d been using in IT and she’d wanted to write it down as she wanted to have it installed at home. She said she hadn’t wanted the teachers to see “in case they thought I was silly”. Definitely not so, as I told her, it shows that she used her initiative, something which can only be a good thing. The task is her having the confidence to know that she won’t be thought of as being “silly”, again this is all tied in with our ongoing discussions with CAMHS.

I’m still going around in circles with a distinct lack of assistance with T’s secondary school place appeal. We now have a meeting date and I have been told countless times “it would be easier if he had a statement”. Yes, it would but he doesn’t and I was laughed at when I suggested it, by a professional. Ho hum. Life as an SN parent can be hard sometimes.

Anyway, half way through the week and it’s going ok, I hope everyone’s day has gone well.


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