Fun time – Sun 25th May 2014

By | May 25, 2014

After the yesterday’s party fun, today needed to be a quieter one. A chance for us – especially T – to recharge batteries, as it were.

We’ve had some outdoor fun too, T is always happy to be out in the sunshine, running around playing hide and seek, or some quite random games of “I-spy”.

D, when she’s not been crafting, has been in absolute giggles over the Morfo game on her ipad. It’s something her class plays at school and it’s a face-changing app; take a picture of a face, adjust it to fit into the template and …voila! The face can then be put into costume, made up, contort and dance.

D “morfo’s” everyone, pictures of characters from her favourite games, Bunny (naturally) and even the cats!


It is hilarious to see “Itsey” bopping around to rock music, but it can be…ahem, quite receptive, D will happily add in faces, adjust and play for ages, if she could. Unfortunately I couldn’t upload the video we made but it was very funny.

Bank Holiday tomorrow and the start of half term, it’s definitely needed for T and D after a long few weeks but, as we have to go out, there have already been protests from T and D has realised that Tuesday and her next injection is looming. Anxieties between the laughter.

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