Countdown and calm – Mon 19th May 2014

By | May 19, 2014

Very proud of both T and D today.

After T’s angst yesterday, I was geared up for plenty of “I don’t want to go to school today” but the “pep” talk seemed to have helped because he went without fuss. It probably helped that he had after-school football and it DEFINITELY helped that the child he gets anxious about wasn’t in. A more regulated T today.

D has been counting down like bill-e-o to her birthday. Her last day of being 9 and one more sleep to go to double figures!

We (D and I) had a joint meeting with CAMHS and her teacher this afternoon to try and implement some strategies for the difficulties that D experiencing during break times and lunchtimes and the continued issue of her holding in her anxieties until the end of the day.

It was a round-robin kind of discussion with some questions directed at D by CAMHS, she did very well with answering, albeit one word answers but she conveyed her thoughts.

We have an implementation plan going forwards and hopefully, hopefully it will help her. She was extremely tired at having an hour or so meeting following a full day at school, but did very well. I’m very proud of her for agreeing to be there and contributing.

Roll on tomorrow, there will be cake, candles and presents. Fingers crossed for smiles and laughter too.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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