Changes – Thurs 29th May 2014

By | May 29, 2014

I always prepare T and D for potential changes to our day during the school holidays, some pass more effectively than others.

It’s usually the changes that I can’t put a time too, the events where we’re reliant on other people with which they struggle most.

Today we had two of those occurrences.

The first was a repair to our boiler, we’d been given a very wishy-washy time (between 8-2pm) so it was a case of ensuring that everyone was “decent” early. I assumed D was fine (isn’t “fine” such an ambiguous word?) with all the preparation until the knock on the door and then there was a stranger in our house, working in our kitchen and at a time very close to lunchtime – both T and D are absolute sticklers for meals on time. D wasn’t happy, at all.

All eventually calm and then the food shop arrived, from a different retailer this week as we’d had her party to pay for. Different uniform, different person, different shopping bags, no taking away of plastic recycling (which she always ends the delivery with).

Two changes in a short space of time were all a little bit too much.

Once she was calmer and as the weather was better (yippee!), I suggested she and T “bounce it out” with all her birthday balloons, something she’d been keen on doing, but not in the rain.

It went well for a while and it was lovely to hear them laughing together:





Until an accidental light knock and *whoosh* D was upset again. Cuddle time, lots of cuddle time.

In total contrast again, she’s been fine (that word again!) this evening, chatting during her evening routine about her day (glossing over the not-so-good bits) and seems to be settling.

A new day tomorrow Jx

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