An “Off” Day – Sat 31st May 2014

By | May 31, 2014

This is how I’ve had to describe today for D, as regards to her brother, T.

He hasn’t had the best of days and she has borne the brunt of it. Definitely an “off” day.

There was a “friendly” football match organised this morning for T’s team, a match which – although the result wouldn’t necessarily matter – theoretically they should have breezed through, being against a year younger group who wanted to get used to the new format they’d be playing in next season. T’s team lost 5:6 from being 3:1 up at one point.

To a boy who lives and breathes football, this was a disappointment.

There’s also potential changes to youth football within our area (which he heard about today) and, couple this with the fact they lost, that it’s back to school on Monday, the upcoming school place appeal meeting and D just being herself and it all amounted to an “off” T.

It’s very hard to get beneath his exterior when he’s like this with one word answers to questions, an absolute refusal to be cuddled and the anger just radiates from him. In total contrast to D when she’s angry, it’s loud and it’s fast and then it’s (usually) over with.

But then that’s life for you, there is a saying that “when you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism” and that is certainly true of T and D, no more so than today.

Tomorrow will be a better one Jx


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