Adding to his collection – Sat 17th May 2014

By | May 17, 2014

Now, we try and instil a sense of teamwork into T and D, sometimes it works, sometimes it definitely doesn’t. But they both know the mantra “it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part”.

D is told this over and over in preparations for sports day and she takes it in, tells us most severely “it’s not…etc” but then that competitive streak takes over on the day and she wants to win something, she needs to.
Now imagine that multiplied by a couple of hundred SN children in a field..I am always so humbled by seeing them all competing, doing their best and (mostly) enjoying it.

T is definitely a team player, he’s a solid little defender, someone who knows in advance where he needs to be and gets into position. He does get a bit frustrated when others aren’t pre-empting and, as football is his passion, his over-riding obsession and something he lives and breathes, to have the threat of an opportunity being taken away (as was the case on Thursday) is pretty devastating for him.

Thankfully he was able to play for the school team yesterday (they had a resounding win and are through to the final next week) and today saw a football tournament for his team.

T was really tired after his SATs week at school, but put his all into the (short) matches he played and has come home with this:


There is something else which will be My Sunday Photo tomorrow.

I’m so proud of T for being able to participate and more importantly, enjoy it.

D and I have had a day in which she’s absolutely bombarded me with Minecraft facts, coupled with her checking on Bunny every few minutes until she was dry. Yes, it was that time again..


Washes for Bunny have to be negotiated in advance with the proviso that if anxieties overtake and she “needs” Bunny, we forget about that opportunity.

Minecraft has even overtaken her birthday chat (3 sleeps to go..), it has been that all-consuming.

But all in all, a really good day for both of them. I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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