A Flash Of Pink – Sat 3rd May 2014

By | May 3, 2014

It’s three weeks today until D’s birthday party at the fab soft play centre near us. Yes, on a Saturday at a kind-of off-peak time but still….

When we asked her where she wanted a party, she instantly chose this place, having attended a couple of parties there before.

The first time we went, the doors opened and the sheer volume of people there and noise generated hit us like a wave. It seemed to be a sensory-overload situation but – a few rushing back for tight-tight hugs – she got through it and in chats afterwards, said she enjoyed it.

So, the date for her party was booked and ever since then, we’ve spent a few Saturdays there (yes, pass the headache pills), getting D acclimatised to the amount of people there, the noise, the fact that children will whoooooosh past her and that she might occasionally get pushed or shoved but it’s because they’re eager to get to the big slide.

And it’s working. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t know the other children, but they rush past her and she’s fine, she’ll look at me as if to say “well, that was a bit busy!” and then she’ll carry on, a pink D whizzing by.

Here’s some pictures, the skirt was pink and swirly, twirly:

A “flash of pink” indeed as she rushed around:

There was plenty of coming back for cuddles and calming intermissions with her ipad:


And the big slide, coming down…




Because we’ve been going for a few sessions, she’s very used to the staff and they to her and I’ve been able to have a chat to them about the location of the party table and gauge when the quieter party times are (mid afternoon). The sunny weather today meant that it was probably quieter than it might have been.

So, that’s been D’s day. T’s football season has ended but he had an end-of-season men’s team game to watch with Hubbie, a resounding 7:0 win.

A day when T can run around with a football whilst the men are playing and hopefully put the anxieties of upcoming SATs, the secondary school appeal and the end of his football season out of his mind for a while.

Quick plug time:
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To proceed to the finals, I need some votes please! I’m not on Facebook so I don’t have that vessel of promotion, the voting form is available here, the Health category is number 15. Voting closes on 16th May so any support appreciated!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, thanks for reading. Comments/RTs and shares are always appreciated Jx

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