We’re back to it Wednesday and a poem from @savvywendy #ThisIsAutism

By | April 23, 2014

I love having T and D around in the holidays, love it. There’s always plenty of “Mumma cuddles” to and from D and T has a never-ending quest for knowledge and facts. He is a wise head on young shoulders.
It was nice to see them both head back into their separate schools today.

T going in with reluctance as he was unsure when his SATs where and there is the continued wait to see if our appeal for a school place will be successful; and D, less enthusiastic than yesterday but mega excited because she had her party invitations to hand out.

She had said to me that, if her teacher told her where the relevant classes where, she’d deliver the invitations herself. This made my heart absolutely swell because in her previous (mainstream) school, she could not physically enter her classroom most days due to the busy (for her) environment. Assemblies and school performances were also a definite tool for anxiety and she couldn’t participate. So, progress, definite progress.

It was all change at home time, literally. D had forgotten to bring her swim bag down and was extremely reluctant to head back to class and get it. Sometimes she can accept unexpected change, other days it totally throws her off kilter, today was one of those days. Right from that point on, she was a different girl, an anxious girl, a “I need cuddles but I also need to bolt, to get away”, hopefully it won’t affect sleep too much tonight.

T’s frustrations over his uncertainties have also spilled over so we have had a fraught time.

This Is Autism

Tonight’s guest post comes in the form of a poem from @savvywendy, she has had some pretty major health issues over the last couple of years and 3 out of 4 of her children have autism.

This poem captures autism perfectly.

My Autism Is Just A Part Of Me

What do you see
when you look at me ?
do you see the child beneath
or am I just naughty

To see the real me
you have to look more closely you see
I have autism
I am not naughty

I have problems coping in crowds
and have trouble with sounds
they make me shout and scream
but isn’t me !!

It’s the autism in me.

I can’t speak
and tell you what I think
Yet I can make the Ipad
do things you wouldn’t think

I have a love of lights
and all things bright
I sing and shout
when there is no-one about

My autism is just part of me
there is a lot more for people to see
My love of maps is a lot
for my family to bear

As I can name all the roads just by
glancing at the map,
I even have an argument with my
Dad’s sat nav

No that is ridiculous, it isn’t this way
my way is quicker than what you say
You should have listened to me
And now we are going the wrong way.

My autism is just part of me


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savvywendy on 23rd April 2014 at 7:19 pm.

Thank you so much for including my poem and I hope things settle down. Well done to D a massive achievement xx


Jeannette on 23rd April 2014 at 9:16 pm.

Thanks Wendy, it’s a mega step forward for her confidence x


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